Types of Homes for sale in Casper WY

 Have you ever wondered what a real estate agent means when they say “ranch style home” or “modern” home? Homes for sale in Casper WY come in all shapes and sizes.  Here we will list some of the home types in Casper.


Contemporary homes emphasize energy efficiency, sustainable materials, lots of natural light and use of non-toxic materials.


Craftsman homes emphasis is on natural materials such as wood, stone and brick. They often have wide front porches and low-pitched roofs. The interior offers an open floor plan. 


A majority of homes for sale in Casper WY are Mid-Century Modern.  This style focuses on simplistic design and open space.  It flourished from 1945 to the 1980’s. WWII helped bring new materials such as steel and plywood to residential homes.


Modern style homes are normally over fifty years old.  They offer open living spaces, geometric lines and functionality. 


Neoclassical homes offer symmetry, tall columns, elaborate doorways, and evenly spaced windows. This style reflects architecture from Greece and Rome.  You will not see this in many homes for sale in Casper WY.


The Prairie style is based on the idea that a home should serve practical needs without being ornate.


Prairie style homes feature long flat roofs, rows of windows and horizontal lines.

Ranch homes were originally built based on rural Western ranches. Ranch homes can be single floor or split-level.  They focus on open floor plans and accessibility to the outdoors.  Most ranch homes for sale in Casper WY have an attached garage.


Townhouses are found in cities and urban areas. They were developed for areas with limited space and are financial beneficial for builders. They offer multiple levels and limited yard space.


Tudor home design came from England.  They have steeped roofs which is why they are poplar in rainy or snowy climates in the Midwest and East Coast. 


Victorian homes are built to show beauty than function.  They have a more complex design with lavish trim, bright colors, large porches, asymmetrical shapes and varied rooflines. They are named after Queen Victoria.


Cottage homes are small homes with stone or wood siding.  They have a curved entryway and bright exterior colors.


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Homes For Sale in Casper WY